TJQMBB Level 1 Community Instructor certification is designed for instructors who meet the requirements for the basic TJQMBB techniques necessary to teach community based exercise classes. There is a $25 certification fee for the 2 year certification. Renewal information will be available in January 2019.


  • Attend 16 hour TJQMBB instructor training workshop

  • Proof of 48 hours of Class Teaching in the last year

    • The instructor is expected to teach the TJQMBB program with moderate levels of fidelity as outlined in the TJQMBB Class Teaching Plan.

Application Process

Please submit

  1. Name of TJQMBB trainer

  2. Name of applicant to be certified, email address and mailing address

  3. Copy of certificate for completion of 2 day instructor training workshop

  4. Signed verification of teaching experience (includes class location, teaching hours and a contact person).

  5. $25 Check made payable to Exercise Alternatives

Mailing Address:

Fuzhong LI
Exercise Alternatives, LLC
PO Box 51332
Eugene OR 97405

Additional Questions? Email us at info@betterbalance.net