6 CEC credits available through ACSM, more information here

The TJQMBB Enhanced Training Course replaces the TJQMBB refresher course with a new agenda, enhanced information, and more in depth training.  Advance your skills and improve confidence with teaching your TJQMBB classes. This one day course is recommended for all TJQMBB Level 1 Community instructors.  It will be offered twice a year in Washington State. 

The Enhanced Training Courses focus on:

  • Selected preparatory exercises, forms, practice variations, and Mini Therapeutic Movements (MTMs).

  • Trainer led and Student led practice.

During this one day workshop you will:

  1. Learn updates to the TJQMBB program and research base.

  2. Advance skills and improve confidence with performance of preparatory exercises, 8 form core routine and MTMS.

  3. Improve understanding of balance training training principles integrated in this research driven program.

  4. Discuss practical issues related to class implementation and Class Teaching Plan.

Enhanced Training Course Agenda

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Enhanced Training Course Agenda

8:00 – 8:30 Welcome and Updates

8:30 – 12:00 Practice Session

  • Preparatory Exercises

    • MTM 3 Sit to stand

    • Weight shifting, breathing, ankles sways, opening and closing

    • MTM 1 Body sway around ankle joints

  • Forms 1-6

    • Instructor Led Forms 1-6

    • Student Led break out groups Forms 1-6

    • Practice Variations : seated, sit to stand, chair assist, standing, stepping, intermittent steps, spatial orientation and single sided

    • Week 13 changes to forms

12:00 – 1:00 LUNCH

1:00– 4:30 Practice Session

  • Forms 7 and 8

  • Selected MTMs

    • MTM 2 Eye-Head Movement

    • MTM 5 Chair up and Walk

    • MTM 7 Single Leg standing with Brush Knee

    • MTM 8 Stepping Exercise: 1. Stepping in a Square

    • MTM 9 Pushing hands: with partner a – d

    • MTM 10 Sensory Integration Exercises

    • MTM 11C Stepping Maneuver around a chair

  • Conduct a Sample Teaching Session

4:30 – 5:00 Course wrap up, Q & A, evaluations, certificates




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