The Washington State Department of Health is offering Partial Scholarships for TJQMBB Instructor Training Workshops for individuals who meet the established criteria. The scholarship recipients will receive the 2 day instructor training at a reduced tuition of $175 and follow up phone support. In order to qualify for this opportunity please submit the following application. When approved we will send you a discount code to register online for any TJQMBB instructor workshop within the current DOH funding cycle which ends in September of each calendar year .

To meet DOH scholarship requirements for TJQMBB training applicant must:

  1. Have minimum of one year clinical or teaching experience with older adults.

  2. Establish a TJQMBB class for older adults in Washington State.

  3. Indicate the month you plan to start teaching a TJQMBB class.

  4. Identify a working relationship with an organization that serves older adults such as a senior center, older adult housing, AAA, or other Community Based Organization.

DOH Scholarship Application

Name *
Describe your experience in a clinical/teaching setting with older adults
Where do you plan to teach in Washington State? Please be as specific as possible
When do you plan to start offering TJQMBB courses to older adults?
What organization do you have a working relationship with for the implementation of a TJQMBB course?